Healthy Eating Decisions
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A cost-free, sustainable, and effective program to increase healthy eating during school lunch.

Welcome video by Dr. Dave Pittman
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How does it work?

When purchasing a school lunch, students make choices of an entree and side items. Our menu calculator will identify the healthiest combination of lunch menu items for each day. Teachers notify students of the daily Healthy Eating Decisions items prior to lunch. When students choose all of the Healthy Eating Decisions food items and white milk for their lunch, they are allowed to ring a call bell in the cafeteria which provides public recognition of their Healthy Eating Decision and positively reinforces their behavior.

Is it effective?

Select the Proven Results button to the left to see how our program improved Healthy Eating Decisions during lunch at 2 pilot elementary schools in Spartanburg County, SC.

How can I get the program at my school?

In order for your school to participate in the program, you need to identify a person (cafeteria manager, school nurse or assistant, teacher, or parent volunteer) that will enter the nutritional information for your monthly lunch menus. Then you simply click here to sign your school up to participate in the program! Due to COVID-19 changes in school schedules and lunches we have temporarily suspended our program.

I want to learn more!

Be sure to check out the tabs at the top of the page for information specifically designed for parents, students, and school staff. Keep up to date with the latest news and information by becoming a fan of Healthy Eating Decisions on Facebook. Finally, we have some links to resources that can help you create and sustain a Healthy Lifestyle for your children.