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Here are some programs and organizations that provide education and resources to help you provide a healthy lifestyle for your child:

Body Mass Index calculator for children

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Campaign for Healthier Eating

Get your kids active on a budget

Thanks to our friend, Hallie Carmine, in California for finding the great list below of websites promoting healthy eating for kids!

If you know of a page you'd like to see listed here, please submit the link to Dr. Dave Pittman.
* These programs are not associated with the Healthy Eating Decisions program.

Online Activities & Games

  • The Amazing Food Detective – Play this awesome, interactive game for primary kids all the way to high school. It helps teach kids about nutrients and how they affect the body.
  • Arthur’s Lunch-o-Matic – A fun game for elementary school aged kids, with their favorite character Arthur. This game helps them to make healthy choices for lunch.
  • Dining Decisions – Designed for middle school children, this game helps kids make the right decisions when it comes to dinnertime foods.
  • Memory Game – In the style of the traditional memory tile game, a fun online game with pictures of healthy foods like fruits and veggies.
  • Fruit & Veggie Games – This page has a few fun online games for kids aged 2-5, all about fruits and vegetables.
  • Grab a Grape – An interactive game for middle school students, encouraging them to learn about weight control, food facts, food & sports, and much more.
  • Calcium Calculator – An easy to use calculator that lets secondary level students figure out how much calcium they are getting based on food choices.
  • Fast Food Explorer – A very interesting website that lets middle school and secondary students figure out how many calories and how much fat is in that popular fast food.
  • The Food Museum – An absolute treasure trove of all things food, this fun and interactive website features videos, exhibits, and much more relating to food. Geared toward secondary level students.
  • Cool Food Quiz – A fun and easy quiz to help kids of all ages decide what good foods they are eating, and which ones are not so great.
  • Virtual Grocery Store – Take your students or child shopping in this virtual grocery store to make good food choices! Levels primary-middle school.

Printable Activities

  • Sports Nutrition Printouts – A nice reference guide and list of PDF files, designed for primary school aged students, particularly those who participate in sports.
  • Food Pyramid Poster – Print out this handy poster for elementary school level children and above that show the basic food groups.
  • Healthy Heart – Nutrition plays a big role in heart health. Print out this helpful pamphlet/poster discussing heart health and you.
  • Food Groups Word Search – For grades K-3, this printable word search puzzle features the food groups.
  • Where Does Food Come From? – This printable will help primary and elementary school children learn how our food goes from farm to table.
  • Nutrition Log – For secondary/high school students, this printable or downloadable log helps track food and caloric intake.
  • Nutrition Facts Posters – Appropriate for all age levels, these printable posters show basic nutritional facts for various food groups.
  • What’s Your Eating Style? – This printable flowchart is designed for middle school children and helps them determine how to get their 3 servings of calcium per day.
  • Grocery Store Map – A fun printable for elementary school kids that helps them find the healthy foods in a store.
  • How Much do You Eat? – Printable poster for middle and high school aged students to help them see just how much food they eat.


  • 5th Grade Nutrition Webquest – An interactive webquest for later elementary and middle school children to accomplish several nutrition-related objectives.
  • Fast Food Choices – This webquest is designed for middle to high school kids, and discusses making smarter fast food choices.
  • Mrs. Phillips’ Nutrition Webquest – This webquest takes about 5 days to complete and discusses all things nutrition related. For elementary school.
  • A Healthier Life – Focusing on good nutrition, a webquest made for middle school students.
  • Nutrition Webquest – A very easy to follow webquest that focuses on nutritional guidelines, food groups, and calories. For middle to secondary school.
  • Restaurant Entrepreneurs – Designed for 2nd graders, this webquest explores good food choices.
  • Help a Friend – This important webquest made for middle to high school children deals with eating disorders and how friends can help.
  • Health & Nutrition – For the middle school level, a webquest exploring macro and micro nutrients and much more.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies – A fun webquest for elementary school children regarding eating good foods versus bad ones.