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Here are some programs and organizations that provide education and resources to help you provide a healthy lifestyle for your child:

Body Mass Index calculator for children

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Campaign for Healthier Eating

Get your kids active on a budget

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Thanks to our friend, Kylie, for pointing out this resource on healthy meals and nutritious snacks for kids and teens.

Thanks to our friend, Ben, for pointing out this resource on healthy foods for healthy teeth.

Thanks to our friend, Cam, for pointing out this great guide on how to eat healthy on a budget.

Thanks to our friend, MaryAnne, for pointing out this great guide on how to eat healthy.

Thanks to our friend, Peyton, for pointing out this great guide to nutrition for teens.

Thanks to our friends at The Brenham Community Center in Texas for pointing out these great activities to get kids active!

Thanks to our friend, Ava Williams, for pointing out this children's guide to healthy eating.

Thanks to Sarah Raymond and her girl scout troop, for sending us this website resource to help remove the stigma and better understand eating disorders..

Thanks to our friend, Hallie Carmine, in California for finding the great list below of websites promoting healthy eating for kids! Online Activities & Games

  • The Amazing Food Detective – Play this awesome, interactive game for primary kids all the way to high school. It helps teach kids about nutrients and how they affect the body.
  • Arthur’s Lunch-o-Matic – A fun game for elementary school aged kids, with their favorite character Arthur. This game helps them to make healthy choices for lunch.
  • Dining Decisions – Designed for middle school children, this game helps kids make the right decisions when it comes to dinnertime foods.
  • Memory Game – In the style of the traditional memory tile game, a fun online game with pictures of healthy foods like fruits and veggies.
  • Fruit & Veggie Games – This page has a few fun online games for kids aged 2-5, all about fruits and vegetables.
  • Grab a Grape – An interactive game for middle school students, encouraging them to learn about weight control, food facts, food & sports, and much more.
  • Calcium Calculator – An easy to use calculator that lets secondary level students figure out how much calcium they are getting based on food choices.
  • Fast Food Explorer – A very interesting website that lets middle school and secondary students figure out how many calories and how much fat is in that popular fast food.
  • The Food Museum – An absolute treasure trove of all things food, this fun and interactive website features videos, exhibits, and much more relating to food. Geared toward secondary level students.
  • Cool Food Quiz – A fun and easy quiz to help kids of all ages decide what good foods they are eating, and which ones are not so great.
  • Virtual Grocery Store – Take your students or child shopping in this virtual grocery store to make good food choices! Levels primary-middle school.

Printable Activities

  • Sports Nutrition Printouts – A nice reference guide and list of PDF files, designed for primary school aged students, particularly those who participate in sports.
  • Food Pyramid Poster – Print out this handy poster for elementary school level children and above that show the basic food groups.
  • Healthy Heart – Nutrition plays a big role in heart health. Print out this helpful pamphlet/poster discussing heart health and you.
  • Food Groups Word Search – For grades K-3, this printable word search puzzle features the food groups.
  • Where Does Food Come From? – This printable will help primary and elementary school children learn how our food goes from farm to table.
  • Nutrition Log – For secondary/high school students, this printable or downloadable log helps track food and caloric intake.
  • Nutrition Facts Posters – Appropriate for all age levels, these printable posters show basic nutritional facts for various food groups.
  • What’s Your Eating Style? – This printable flowchart is designed for middle school children and helps them determine how to get their 3 servings of calcium per day.
  • Grocery Store Map – A fun printable for elementary school kids that helps them find the healthy foods in a store.


  • 5th Grade Nutrition Webquest – An interactive webquest for later elementary and middle school children to accomplish several nutrition-related objectives.
  • Fast Food Choices – This webquest is designed for middle to high school kids, and discusses making smarter fast food choices.
  • Mrs. Phillips’ Nutrition Webquest – This webquest takes about 5 days to complete and discusses all things nutrition related. For elementary school.
  • A Healthier Life – Focusing on good nutrition, a webquest made for middle school students.
  • Nutrition Webquest – A very easy to follow webquest that focuses on nutritional guidelines, food groups, and calories. For middle to secondary school.
  • Restaurant Entrepreneurs – Designed for 2nd graders, this webquest explores good food choices.
  • Help a Friend – This important webquest made for middle to high school children deals with eating disorders and how friends can help.
  • Health & Nutrition – For the middle school level, a webquest exploring macro and micro nutrients and much more.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies – A fun webquest for elementary school children regarding eating good foods versus bad ones.